Another newbie

Hi all
Just wanted to say a thank-you to everyone, for the posts and wealth of information that is found on this forum. Especially the posts for the spread sheets & labels, very helpful.
I have just kegged my brew yesterday (American Pale Ale) and very pleased with the whole process to date. A few rookie mistakes (forgot to add the primer & hops to the second keg and left the tap on when disconnecting the filler tube), will not make them again though.
Plan to do a Polski Baltic Porter soon - looking forward to the first beer.
Anyway - thanks again


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Welcome aboard :)

Certainly wouldn’t be disappointed with the APA, think that will be the next one again so it’s nicely aged for summer.

All part of the learning experience, even after what 16 batches I left the tap on filling a keg whilst I was on the phone and forgot all about it end result keg was that full I couldn’t move it without spilling any so happens to be best of us.

Laugh, learn and move on :)


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Thanks from me too for a wealth of helpful information.
So far I've brewed APA, Czech Pils, Bavarian Lager, West Coast Pale Ale and California Steam (last two conditioning and brewing respectively).
I am amazed at the quality of the beer.
However I have had the too-much-head issue with the BrewFlo which has occurred with all three I've had so far, although only the first was bad (almost total froth).
Great customer support from Liam who thinks the head issue may have something to do with the connection of the bag to the cap (hopefully will be addressed).
Doesn't seem to be much activity on the Brewart Community forum - presumably you guys prefer this one?
Being a new product, and given our vested interest, we want it to grow and develop so we should put up reviews which will increase it's rating on Google - I posted one on the Harvey Norman website today.