App - sort of fail


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So 2 days ago I used the app on the way home from work to move from storage to kegging mode. When I got home nothing had happened and I put it down to an Internet glitch. Did the same thing yesterday and this time watched the app. It appeared to be doing something but the display on the app didn't indicate a change in the zone. I repeated this about 6 times and no change.

Anyway the short story is that I had to log out of the app and log back in. From then on in my zone changes worked. The odd thing was that even though I couldn't get the zones to change before the logout/login process my droids were still both reporting their current status back to me, just wouldn't accept a change.

So, if this happens to you the fix is to logout and login again.



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Good find I had a lager finish earlier today which I'll be kegging tomorrow, almost tempted to try it and see what happens.


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Eeeekkk...I'm overseas and missed the notification that the brew was ready for kegging.
By the time I got to it the app reported that it had moved to storage mode.
Hope it has because I've done nothing.


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It moves into storage mode after a period of time, pretty sure its 4 days automatically?
If your droid automatically goes to kegging mode at the end of fermentation and you don't do anything for 2 days then it will automatically go into storage mode and stay there until you manually move it to kegging mode again. However, once you have manually put it into kegging mode it will no longer automatically change back to storage mode after 48 hours. So if your brew is in storage mode and you don't intend to keg then don't move it back until you are ready to keg. I've found that it takes around 3 hours for the brew to move from storage to kegging temperature.