BrewArt Kickstarter US Launch


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"We are launching on Kickstarter to enable us to finalize a few additional items specific to the US market. We are in the final stages of revising internal components to meet US market specifications, certificates, and approvals. We are also finishing our packaging, revising instructions and software modifications. Lastly, we are adding to our robust line-up of beer styles, making sure to include additional styles that suit the US market. We are hopeful, with fan support, to have all of this completed and ready for us to start shipping to backers this September," said Harris.


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I am not quite understanding the kickstarter program, they have the backing / owned by Coopers don't they so why do they require funds exactly? Perhaps I missed something.

In my opinion whilst support is second to none, the product is great it seems to be the simple things like spigots splitting, carbonation issues and far from the perfect pour - the US guys won't be happy in the slightest.

It shall be interesting however if we see some new BrewPrints out there.


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Looks like they have reached their target which is good news for them.

I think the kickstarter campaign was done mainly for marketing BrewArt and introducing the product in the US.

Not sure if it was really required but I guess it is a good way to find out if there is much interest there is.

I'm hoping they will bring out some new BrewPrints as well since there hasn't been any new ones for a while.