Ginger Beer in BeerDroid


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Has anyone tried brewing ginger beer yet? If so, what recipe did you use? And also was there any noticeable after taste when you brewed your next beer.

I ask the second question, as I have been told when brewing with non BrewArt equipment, the container can get stained and have an after taste with future beer brews.

Any help would be appreciated as I am keen to try this.


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Yes and yes. I brewed a Coopers ginger beer tin with some extra ginger and other spices. It turned out rubbish but that's because of the artificial sweetener in the Coopers GB (since been discontinued). It didn't leave a notice le after taste but it certainly left the aroma of the GB for the following 2 brews. I have also done a cider which turned out ok but again, another noticible smell over the next brew. I'm don't doing non beer recipes in the Brewart. I bought a 25L fermenter from Bunnings on the weekend so I will use that as my priming bucket/non beer related brews from now on.


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I haven't done a ginger beer in the BeerDroid but I have done a lot of them in a Cooper DIY kit. They have turned out quite well so I don't really think it would require a temperature control as long as you don't get too high temperatures.
I agree with what JayDub says about leaving a bit of a residual taste when in the fermenter when it's finished which takes a while to get rid of and may be present in the next couple of brews so I wouldn't want to have that ruin the taste of the other beers I brew in there.
The only thing that would make me want to do it in the BeerDroid would be to have ginger beer on tap from the BrewFlo but I think that I should be able to fill the kegs from the Coopers DIY kit since I was able to recently fill the keg by pouring from the bottles.


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For $24 I think you might be hard pressed to beat this price. This is what I bought and I will probably end up getting a couple more once I get my brew fridge set up. I don’t really like the idea of having 20L+ of the same beer, especially while I am still experimenting and trying new flavours and styles. I would much rather split a 23L batch into 2 FV’s and use different hops. Plus they can be used for water storage and priming buckets.