How many kegs is too many?


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Well I thought 12 kegs was plenty however found myself this morning on the way into work looking and thinking I have x amount of BrewPrints remaining and I want to do this one, this one and this one I need more kegs.

To cut the story short ended up ordering another 4 bringing the total to 16, have 2 spare kegs at present with the remainder either in use or just sitting there collecting dust in secondary fermentation.

Now I am by far a big drinker, might have 3 maybe 4 beers on a Friday night and one rarely after work on a hot day but whilst it may seem a lot I figure I have no issues at all reaching a 4-6 week minimum secondary fermentation which I reckon is going to be a real sweet spot for most with the exception to maybe a porter or stout.



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I have thought about this as well.
At the moment I only have 8 kegs so might think about getting another 4 at some stage to give a total of 12 if I start running out of kegs to fill up.

I guess it depends on how fast you fill the kegs and if you are likely to brew each one back to back which is what I intend to do.
If you are mainly brewing ales you could easily fill 2 kegs every week whereas with lagers it could be 2 weeks to fill the 2 kegs.
Then it depends on how fast you drink the kegs as you would want to be finishing drinking 2 kegs just as the next brew is finished and ready to keg.

I think if you bulid up a good stock level of 16 full kegs that will give you a good rotation on being able to have a good amount of 2nd fermentation of about 4 to 6 weeks or even more by the time you get to drink it.
So as as long as you can keep filling kegs and have most of the kegs full then I would say this would work well.
It would also be nice to have a heap of kegs ready to go when you have an event or party where you will be sharing the kegs with a few people and can quite easily go through 4 kegs in a night.


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You boys must be single or your wife's are definite keepers. I now have 4 kegs & ive been told no more, have to bottle what I can't get into kegs. She keeps reminding me of all the bottles I have in the garage & apparently we have bills that don't involve beer


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How many kegs it too many?

About this many should do you i think..............

I have 6 kegs and only keg half batches into 1 keg and bottle the rest. Seems to be working well thus far, although i do have about 300 x 740ml PET bottles and 100 x 375ml glass stubbies so if i didn't have them already i would probably get some more kegs.

I am not typically one to drink 5L of the same beer in a row as I prefer mixing it up. I find that I can do this better when storing in bottles as opposed to switching out kegs. Plus, I don’t like the idea of taking a chilled partial keg out then allowing it to rise to ambient temps before chilling again. Once a keg is in the BrewFlo it stays there until it is emptied.
5L of any one style is plenty for me, especially while I am still experimenting with new flavoured/styles of beer as I would hate to take up 2 kegs worth of beer then find out I don’t really like it that much.


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Recently single and loving the free time, do what I want, when I want and have a shit load more money so almost a win in every direction.

I'm sure I'll get bored of it though for the time being priorities :)

Lol that should be enough kegs for a lifetime!

I reckon I have more than enough at least I can pick and choose which beer is next up rather than that ones good to go I'll try that.


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I'm quite lucky that my wife doesn't mind me drinking beer as long as I don't neglect all the other things that I am sposed to do around the house.
She much prefers me to drink at home then go to the pub which works out much cheaper too.

I much prefer to try to use kegs as much as possible since I love being able to have beer on tap at home.
I do have 60 PET bottles as well but I mainly use these for when I brew the Cooper DIY kits.
I may consider getting some glass bottles soon to use with the Brewart brews as these seem pretty safe as I don't think they would cause any bottle bombs.

My main problem is all the downtime I have had so far with the BeerDroid which prevents me from filling up more kegs so I have to ration the kegs I have filled now to make them last.

I also try not to take a keg out of the BrewFlo until it is finished although if I do take out a partial keg I put it straight back in the fridge to keep it cool.
I don't think it would do the beer much harm with returning it back to room temperature as this is what happens when you take the brew out out store mode and put into keg mode while in the BeerDroid.
At least that will allow the beer to condition a bit more if it was going to be a while before you drank from it again.
The main reason I prefer to keep the partial keg cool is that it takes too long to wait to cool down again when it is at room temperature if you want to drink it straight away.


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I have 8 at the moment, however I need 2 more to cover the brew prints I have at the moment. I only have done one brew so far, however I want to make sure that I alway have enough to cover the brew time and secondary fermentation...time will tell I guess.