Kegging - Poppet Valves


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Well a complete rookie mistake, walked inside I could smell beer so checked the kegs sure enough I had put the poppet valves on the dispensing side (orange) the wrong way up, as a result beer was starting to come out where it didn't seal correctly.

Not much I could do but try and swap it around and salvage the brew, of course it sprayed everywhere upon unscrewing - I was amazed of the carbonation level despite being in the keg for a day!

Hopefully all is good now but won't know for a few weeks whether all is good or not but being the first batch was a bit disappointed.

What I did do was mix up a batch of Star San and spray around the fittings where the beer had leaked after cleaning as best I could, hopefully to prevent an infection.

A mistake I won't make again but we live and learn.

Ensure the thinner end of the poppet valve is up see the attachments for the correct and wrong way.



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That's no good, hopefully you won't make the same mistake again but it is good to share these mistakes so that it lets others know what can happen if you do insert it the wrong way round. Hopefully the brew turns out ok. Be sure to let us know how it turns out when you finally pour it from the keg.


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The excitement of kegging the first batch got a bit overwhelming so I doubt I will be the last to do it, if it helps just one other person it will be worthwhile putting out there - although it does seem ever so obvious now.

I will leave this one to sit secondary fermentation an extra week and see how it goes, I do have another American Pale Ale sitting on the shelf ready to go as when I picked up the BeerDroid I wanted to brew straight away and couldn't wait for the delivery from QLD - as it is Coopers sent another shipment out on 23rd December and is still in QLD apparently, expected delivery date 3rd January :eek:

Now here's something I've noticed you can change the secondary fermentation length on the kegs however hitting the up and down arrows it doesn't appear to do anything, this is on a iPhone 7 Plus running 10.2, I'm sure it worked previously.

Update: This is user error you don't press the up and down arrows, swipe the number up and down :)

Wish I had've read this a month or go. Just did the same thing on my first keg through the brewflo. Swapped them over, only lost a glass full or so. The wife helped me. All sorted and just pulled a perfect beer American Pale Ale came out perfectly. Apart from the initial error am more than happy with results.


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This happened to me last night when putting a new keg of Four Leaf in.
Bitch of a thing to turn around after the keg has conditioned.


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Without taking much notice easy done but now I've done it I won't do it again that's for sure.

Mine was only in the keg for 24 hours and that made enough mess.