Possible Liner Fail

Discussion in 'BrewFlo' started by MattS, Jul 17, 2017.

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    So I just had my first ever keg fail. Had my Aztec Cerveza sitting in the fridge for a week or more after conditioning then transferred to the BrewFlo. Hook everything up and pull the handle to dispense goodness. All I got was air, air, and more air with a slight amount of froth. After about 5 mins I got a glass of froth that eventually settled to beer (with a big head). Had a taste and decided that I have invented a new sort of beer that would appeal to some sort of alien invader. Hard to describe the taste but "yeasty" and "disgusting" covers it. I suspect there is a problem with the liner and have emailed Brewart support. Ended up tipping the beer out and throwing the keg liner away, there was no way it was recoverable. Bit of a shame as I have brewed the Aztec Cerveza before and my wife is quite keen on it.

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