The future of BrewArt.


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I know we are all invested and mostly enjoying the experience of BrewArt.
It's a great little hobby.
But I'm a bit concerned with the lack of new posters, not so much here as you have to hunt for this site, more so at the official site.
I would expect BrewArt to be pushing the site to all new purchasers ad I would expect those people to have plenty of questions and experiences.
But there has been very little new activity.
How long will Coopers persist if the sales aren't there?
Or are we relying on the US?


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Things certainly didn't take off here as I was expecting because of the official channel which is all good.

It's very much a niche market, they need to address some of he grumbles / complaints we have before they hit the US market imho.

I will say the current batch in the BrewFlo (APA) is a perfect pour which has been positive from the rubbish I've seen come out of it recently.


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I stopped posting on the official forum coz there wasn't much new going on there.
I guess forums aren't as popular as they used to be and most people prefer to use Facebook to post stuff instead as can be seen on the BrewArt Facebook group.
It would also be great if the BrewArt team was more active on the official forum as well and I'm sure more people would post on there and ask questions since they would get an official response.

BrewArt is only a year old now so I am sure it will be looking to grow more which will improve sales.
I would like to see BrewArt selling the ingredients and BrewPrints in retail stores as well instead of only being able to order them online. I think that would improve their sales as it does with the Coopers packs which you can buy from Big W and Woolies.


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Forums are funny things, the other site I run continues to grow but depends on the market I guess.

Social media is huge and drop dead simple to use, I'm not much of a fan but I'm in a minority there.

Couldn't agree more would be great if they sold ingredients in shops or even brewprints at a starting point - already delivering to the stores anyway with the remainder of the BrewArt system so why not.

Other than minor issues I'm sold on the idea, dead simple to use and most of the BrewPrints have actually been really good.

Down to my last 2 BrewPrints too so best be having free shipping soon :)


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Brewart/Coopers have entered an exclusive agreement with HN to sell the hardware.
I expect this would prevent any retail store from selling the prints/ingredients. Why sell a part of a system that no one knows exists? If I was a buyer for a major retailer it's a simple decision, the whole system or nothing at all.
If the agreement with HN prevents the selling of prints/ingredients elsewhere, then BrewArt/Coopers gave fucked up as HN are not supporting this side of the business by only selling one print.
I think we are at a crossroads, the system is a work in progress, as users we know there are issues and we want to work with BrewArt to resolve these. But I think it is now imperative that the US launch is successful. Access to the Aus market, 24 million people, compared to 20 times that, will decide if this system sinks or swims.