What program to use

Am looking for some advice on the manual programming side if things. I have a can of Mangrove Jack's Bavarian Wheat that I was going to give a go. Which manual program should I use? Lager, Ale, etc. After a bit of googling 21°c seems to be the approx temp. And while I am asking questions, will the droid still detect EOF even if it is not a brew print.

Thanks for your guidance in advance.


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By no means an expert but I would go with Ale type setup and adjust the fermenting to 21

It should detect EOF regardless of it being a brewprint or not.


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Keen to hear how you get on if I can branch out beyond brewprints to something worthy I'm keen as mustard.
Just another request for some thoughts. I will be bottling the above Bavarian Wheat in the next couple of days but I will probably try and do 1 keg. Any thoughts on the priming rate? Will just one pouch be enough or maybe put two in for good measure?


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Primer pouches are hit and miss, one pouch per 5L is sufficient though.

I will be heading down the path of 30g/L of Dextrose when I run out of primer pouches.

If it were me I would use a pouch on the keg and grab some carbonation drops from a home brew store if possible for the bottles.


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You can always use the custom settings rather than using Ale or Lager settings, I have two Red IPA Wort kits brewing now with US-05 yeast, 1 I've set at 18 & 1 is fermenting at 20, interested to see how different temps might change the taste


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I wouldn't use more than 1 primer pouch per 5Lt keg, using 2 will most definitely over carb the keg & good chance you will get very frothy beer.
Just thought I should report back with results of using the Bavarian Wheat brewing can. I had 1kg of dextrose/malt (enhancer) and a can. As it will make 23 litres I halved it and filled the droid to 11.5l (approx). I then bottled half and kegged the other half. The bottles turned out excellent. I haven't tried the keg yet but I am assuming it will be all head and flat as usual so am putting off the disappointment. My Flo has never dispensed a good beer (it hasn't been switched on in months).

A quick calculation. Can + Enhancer $25. Equivalent Brewprint (Weissbier) $28. For less than the brewprint I got over twice the beer. Can = $0.92 per litre, Brewprint = $2.80 per litre. It's a no brainer. I don't think I will buy another brewprint again.


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I know this thread is getting a bit old but if I may contribute.
The programmed temperarures on the Droid relate to the required temperatures for correct propagation and fermentation of the yeast.
All dry brewing yeasts should have optimum hydration and fermentation temperatures listed within their respective instructions for use.
Quite often the hydration temps are quite high for some varieties but with the droid the hydration period is much longer so temperatures could be a lot lower. I notice the propogation temp for the Brewprint APA I have brewing is programmed at 21 and the fermentation temp is 18 I assume that the supplied yeast is an american ale yeast.
If I need to manually set a brewing program I would not go much higher than 21 or 22 propagation temps as it may cause a "brew volcano" out of the lid breather. Hight temps may also produce off flavours.
If using a liquid yeast then make a starter and just set all temps except for cold crashing at the specified temperature of the yeast.
Cold crashing temps only just need to be fridge temp. It appears the droid programs 4 deg.
If the droid is set to the specified fermentation temps then provided all other conditions are good you should achieve the desired result.